Self Motivation

We all put objects in our way and come up with excuses for not feeling up to it but really we can do what we want if we have the self motivation. I’m a believer it is mind over matter but to a point were it becomes unrealistic.

 I think self motivation can be achieved via a couple of different options; 1. In order for us to feel self motivated we have to want to do it because we think it will be enjoyable and also rewarding. 2. The self motivation comes from a fear of what will happen if we don’t achieve the task.

2 thoughts on “Self Motivation

  1. farouk

    ur right, i also believe that motivation comes when we know which direction we should take, else people become indifferent and lost

  2. daveaudley

    Farouk thanks for the comment, sometimes we need the encouragement and right environment to realise the full potential of Self Motivation. Essentially in comes from within and affects people in different ways.


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