Monthly Archives: January 2008

Two Types Of Motivation

Motivating an employee is a daily task for managers, but it is important to recognise the two sides of motivation…

Attitude Motivation – Thinking and Feeling
Incentive Motivation – Providing a reward.

When planning to motivate an employee “Attitude Motivation” and “Incentive Motivation” need to be utilised in harmony to fulfil maximum motivation.

“Attitude Motivation” should be used during the task and “Incentive Motivation” applied towards the end. Therefore as the employee carries out the whole task they are motivated at each stage.

What you use to motivate your employees will change depending on the conditions of the task in hand e.g. time length and desired affect from the motivation.

“Incentive Motivation” will tend to comprise of small but more meaningful solutions e.g. “Once you have completed all the preparation for the team meeting, you can have the afternoon off.”

“Attitude Motivation” will tend to comprise of a wider range of solutions that individually would have a smaller affect e.g. “ In order to complete all the preparation for the meeting, you can use the administrator to help put together the presentation and we will cover your normal duties.”

When both types of motivation are used together they make it achievable to fulfill your employees motivation level.