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Are you doing all the right things to keep your employees motivated?

Employees motivation should be one of the most important things a business monitors. We all know about the stresses and strains that the current business climate causes, yet many businesses forget that a slight change in an employees moods could alter their businesses significantly.

Motivation and empowering employees will not only make them more productive if done right but also provide a host of benefits that the businesses didn’t aspect, here are a few steps you could implement:

  1. Money does motivate and when it doesn’t it de-motivates employees! It’s as simple as that but with the current financial issues many businesses are facing it might not be the way forward for you. You should always remember to pay your employees their worth!
  2. Share information about the overall business performance, the detail is down to you but don’t keep them in the dark! The more they know the more valuable they will feel and understand what they are supposed to do.
  3. Provide clear instructions on their duties, what they have ownership of and their goals. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings and duplication.
  4. Challenge your employees, give them ownership of projects and encourage success. Your employees will feel more trusted and included, this helps them become loyal to the business.

Lost Youth?

There is a lot of information written about youth employment looking at the problem, how it can be solved and if employers should care. I believe a major factor is due to motivation, a lot of young people don’t have the motivation. I have friends who have been travelling, every country they go to they manage to get jobs but they don’t mind do the hard manual work. Knowing a lot of young people and from working in the manufacturing/care industry I have seen that young people want a nice easy job that pays a lot of money because young people believe they are owed it regardless of their work experiences and skill level.

I recently watched a TV show titled “Benefit Busters” that featured people who had been on benefits for several years; some of the people featured had the latest TVs, computers and nice houses. On the first episode the presenter pointed out that a lot of fast food companies are also recruiting but the people on benefits looked horrified at the thought of working in “those type of places”.

People don’t want to work for minimum wages as many people believe they deserve more, coupled with the main fact that we are experiences shrinking industries in the UK is it a shock to anyone that unemployment is increasing.

I believe people need to be more motivated to work hard, which will result in being successful but need understand that it will take time to build up to the level they want to be at.

Self Motivation

We all put objects in our way and come up with excuses for not feeling up to it but really we can do what we want if we have the self motivation. I’m a believer it is mind over matter but to a point were it becomes unrealistic.

 I think self motivation can be achieved via a couple of different options; 1. In order for us to feel self motivated we have to want to do it because we think it will be enjoyable and also rewarding. 2. The self motivation comes from a fear of what will happen if we don’t achieve the task.

How Many Different Types Of Motivation Are There?

I believe that there are three main types of motivation – “Natural”, “Fear”, “Booster”, which are each driven by two sub types – “Attitude” and “Incentive”.

“Natural” motivation is the most common type of motivation and happens the most often. It is the motivation people get when naturally motivated.

“Fear” motivation happens often within the workforce when under pressure to complete a task.

“Booster” motivation  is normally self driven to overcome a task you have set yourself.

For information on “Attitude” and “Incentive” motivation please see previous article – “Two Types Of Motivation”, Jan 2008.


Two Types Of Motivation

Motivating an employee is a daily task for managers, but it is important to recognise the two sides of motivation…

Attitude Motivation – Thinking and Feeling
Incentive Motivation – Providing a reward.

When planning to motivate an employee “Attitude Motivation” and “Incentive Motivation” need to be utilised in harmony to fulfil maximum motivation.

“Attitude Motivation” should be used during the task and “Incentive Motivation” applied towards the end. Therefore as the employee carries out the whole task they are motivated at each stage.

What you use to motivate your employees will change depending on the conditions of the task in hand e.g. time length and desired affect from the motivation.

“Incentive Motivation” will tend to comprise of small but more meaningful solutions e.g. “Once you have completed all the preparation for the team meeting, you can have the afternoon off.”

“Attitude Motivation” will tend to comprise of a wider range of solutions that individually would have a smaller affect e.g. “ In order to complete all the preparation for the meeting, you can use the administrator to help put together the presentation and we will cover your normal duties.”

When both types of motivation are used together they make it achievable to fulfill your employees motivation level.