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Keys to Motivating Your Employees In Rough Economic Times

I recently came across a blog by Kalen Smith, it once again confirms that keeping things simple can often result in major positive steps. Managers are always struggling to ensure their employees live up to their potential. One of the biggest reasons employees aren’t as productive as they could be is that they are discouraged with their work environment. This is particularly true during an economic downturn, so employers will need to be especially diligent about keeping their employees motivated during a recession.

The recession officially ended in 2009, but the economy still hasn’t fully recovered. You may have seen many of your employees are discouraged with the state of the economy and those concerns may be playing out in their work. There are some factors you should take into consideration to keep your employees happy during this economic downturn.

  • Don’t Accept Silence as Motivation
  • Do Communicate Changes
  • Don’t Use Money as a Motivating Tool
  • Motivating Employees in a Poor Economy Can Be Difficult

About the Author: Kalen Smith is an entrepreneur and business advice columnist. He writes about grad school programs for aspiring business owners such as the i o psychology graduate programs.

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Motivation is still not just about pay…

Published recently in the People Management magazine issues were highlighted in and with the NHS Agenda for Change pay contract. The new pay system for NHS staff failed to deliver cost saving or an increase in productivity, according to the National Audit Office.

A report by the spending watchdog said that productivity in the NHS continued to fall despite the introduction of the new Agenda for Change pay contract.

It amazes me that many HR professionals still believe new pay changes will increase employees motivation/productivity. Whether we like it or not most employees believe that they are due a pay increase year on year, the main argument being down to inflation. Pay raises also show that the business is in a strong position.

We are currently in a difficult situation with the state of the economy and I believe this makes certain aspects of HR easier. It would be quite brutal for an employer to tell its employees that having a job during the recession is a motivational factor but in honesty it would be close to the truth. Personally, I believe that at a time when businesses are spending money more wisely it would be better to use this basic approach and build on it to develop a true motivational scheme.

Employees have a vast range of needs and if an employer wants to work with the employee then they will motivate them without spending money.

A tale of two different approaches…

I have recently left a position within a major manufacturing organisation working on site being the first line of HR support for around 900 staff. After working for 9 months, being asked to work night shifts, having no formal training and being the first person my line manager had managed I felt very un-motivated. The tasks I had to undertake were normal HR activities that I can do with my eyes shut but I have learnt first hand how having no praise, constant negative comments and no guidance will de-motivate someone drastically. I started to question my own ability but speaking to HR professionals I realised that being treated the way I was does have major negative affects.

I am currently under contract with a charity based in London and the difference is amazing. It’s how I remember a team to be, working together, helping each other through the difficult decisions and a structured training approach, from induction through to understanding the organisation.

I’m sure many of you have worked in similar situations, please let me know your tales of how you have felt either motivated or de-motivated…

Self Motivation

We all put objects in our way and come up with excuses for not feeling up to it but really we can do what we want if we have the self motivation. I’m a believer it is mind over matter but to a point were it becomes unrealistic.

 I think self motivation can be achieved via a couple of different options; 1. In order for us to feel self motivated we have to want to do it because we think it will be enjoyable and also rewarding. 2. The self motivation comes from a fear of what will happen if we don’t achieve the task.